Q: Why are planners only available for a limited time?
A: If you are a long time Clever Owl Paper customer, you know that this is a big change! While we understand that we can't make everyone happy, our family will always come first. Each planner takes a lot of time and resources to create. Instead of offering them throughout the year, we've made the decision to create them as limited edition and offer them in the fall for the following year.


Q: When are planners being released?
A: Clever Owl Planners will be released around October of each year. 

Q: I've been purchasing planners from Clever Owl for years. Can you make one just for me?
A: We love your loyalty and thank you so much for your business! At this time, it's just not possible to produce a planner or two. We are keeping a limited stock on hand in the fall of each year and once they sell out, they are gone until the following year :)


Q: I found an error in my planner. How can this be fixed?
A: First, I am so sorry about that! My goal is to provide a 100% error free planner but I am human and sometimes I make small mistakes when creating the files. I've occasionally missed a 31st or made two 21st in a month. These mistakes can easily be fixed with white out and a pen or I am happy to send a sticker set that will take care of those oops's. If you ever find anything huge - like a month that is totally out of order (it happened once, I'm still not sure how!), you can either send the planner back for a full refund or I'll send you a replacement.