Effective immediately, Clever Owl Paper has discontinued all production of planners. 


Q: Why have you discontinued planners?
A: It wasn't an easy decision but the final decision was based on several factors. The biggest reasons being the time and costs to produce them.

Q: I've been purchasing planners from Clever Owl for years. Can you make one just for me?
A: We love your loyalty and thank you so much for your business but we are no longer stocking supplies needed to create planners.


Q: Do you have any extra laying about that I can purchase?
A: Nope. We've never kept a stock on planners so we don't have extras. 


Q: Will you be bring them back?
A: At this time, we have no plans to bring them back. 


Q: Can I return a planner I purchased?
A: Because our planners have been discontinued, we cannot accept them as a return or exchange. All sales of discontinued items are final.


Q: What about.... ?
A: We get it... you've got more questions or requests. We totally understand. If we didn't answer your questions above, send us an email and we'll get back to you asap.